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We build websites that are visible, intuitive, and compelling…our marketing campaigns are custom-designed to meet your organizational goals

Our Business Model is Lean…

We are not traditional, we are exceptional.  A lean business model means more for less.  We work on a project basis.  This means you get specific deliverables that are time-sensitive.  Our overhead consists of only what is necessary for the successful execution of the project.  We work with freelancers that perform website development, graphic design, content development including newsletters, blogs and eBooks, and social media professionals – all under our guidance and management. We also work with you and your people to create ownership and seamless integration of the strategic marketing plan. This saves you time and money while getting the very best from each discipline.

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Nothing happens by chance but by design…a plan. We work with your marketing team to plan a workable strategy that will result in an increase of qualified leads. Sooner or later, you have to sell to people other than your friends and family. This is where strategic planning comes into play.

Are you introducing a new product or service? Need help with designing a campaign that gets noticed? Call us and we will work with you to build a campaign that incorporates the necessary actions, events and advertising that will get your new offering noticed…and sold!

There are many types of digital advertising that you can and should utilized in your marketing efforts. These are:

  • Your website – yes, your website is digital and it starts with a design that is visible, intuitive, and compelling.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization is critical to your website’s visibility to Google et al. This is performed on your website to insure that users can find your site with keyword searches.
  • Pay Per Click and Display Ads – These are Google Ads and these can get you on the front page of Google…does anyone go to page two?
  • Social Media Advertising – pretty much everyone on the planet is on Facebook so it makes sense to advertise where the people are. Facebook is still quite economical compared to Google Ads.
  • Email Advertising – Email campaigns, blogging, and newsletters are effective in making your company known, building interest, selling a product, or offering a limited time special offer.

One Minute Website Tip

Each week we give tips that can help you make your website more visible on Google and the rest. Most of these tips are things you can do yourself and all it costs is a little bit of your time.

If you are an IT professional or have one on your staff, this is an easy fix. Check back weekly for our One Minute Website Tip. Better yet, subscribe and you can get our audio tips delivered right to your inbox. Got questions? Call 757-828-5754.

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How We Help You Succeed…


We make it our business to be up on the most current search engine algorithms and adjust our strategies accordingly. We will help you stay top of mind with potential customers by matching their online searches to your business…


Professionally and expertly managed Pay-Per-Click or Search Engine Marketing (SEM). As Premier Google Partner and Microsoft Certified Experts, we create targeted campaigns on Google AdWords & Microsoft Ads that get results…

Email Marketing

As part of our Strategic Marketing Plans, we design email campaigns that keep your business on their mind when they’re ready to buy…

Social Media

Social media advertising and posting is custom-designed to meet your marketing goals as part of our overall strategy…

Strategic Planning

Everything starts with a plan and the most effective plan is developed in a strategic manner that produces exponential results…

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